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Great spot to clean your car

Michael Jones Avatar Michael Jones
March 18, 2022

This was my first time here and Connor walked me through the car wash packages like a pro. Connor was very professional and was able to help me no problem. My car looks great, I will be back!

Santina Makai Takori Avatar Santina Makai Takori
May 11, 2022

Fast detail.

Immer Bello Avatar Immer Bello
April 18, 2022

“"I love the efficiency of my Blue Penguin Car Wash. A smiling greeting, an excellent wash, and on my way—CLEAN.

Donald Salvor

Close to home and convenient. Prices are in line with other nearby car washes, but Dirty Dog's has the bonus of compressed air and glass cleaner in flexible houses at each station.

James Peter

"Great place to get car wash to remove rain, dirt, and minor debris. Free self service vacuums as well, awesome”.

Peek Thakul

"Let me put it simply for anyone who sees this. The car wash membership is totally worth it. you can get unlimited washes for one payment a month. so the price of the top washes membership is very reasonable. they have exceeded my hopes for what they will become. "

James Austin

“"I love how an employee comes out and greets you as soon as you pull up. No appointments necessary. Fast service. Great customer service ".

James Peter

“Tools to network more effectively, including an orientation CD giving the Formula for Success" in BNI, a badge, a vinyl card holder to carry".

Peek Thakul