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BLUE PENGUIN CAR WASH Unlimited Wash Membership Club Terms of Agreement 

I authorize Blue Penguin Car Wash to charge my credit card account on a monthly basis for the Blue Penguin Car Wash Unlimited Wash Club Membership chosen. 

I understand that this automatic charge will remain in effect until I cancel my Blue Penguin Car Wash Unlimited Car Wash Membership Club plan. Blue Penguin Car Wash must have seven (7) days’ written notice of cancellation before the next billing cycle. No refunds for mid-interval cancellations.

I understand that Blue Penguin Car Wash may cancel this plan at any time if the credit card is declined or is invalid. Blue Penguin Car Wash has the right to change the billing rate with 30 days’ notice. Blue Penguin Car Wash’s Unlimited plan is for personal use only. Not for taxis, limousines, dealerships or commercial use. Plan cannot be combined with other offers, discounts, wash tickets or gift cards. 

I understand that circumstances may affect the availability of services, including equipment failure or inclement weather. We reserve the right to modify or cancel this program and specific memberships at will, at any time.