Detail Packages

Detail Service Includes: 

  • Interior vacuum
  • Compressed air
  • Windows cleaned
  • Wipe down all surfaces
  • Tire shine
  • Hand wax


  • Sedans – $25.00
  • Small/Mid-Sized SUVs (without third row) – $30
  • Mini-Vans/Large SUVs (those that have third rows) – $35

Select Locations:


Interior Detailing

Interior Detailing is available at select locations. First we dry off the exterior of the vehicle using microfiber towels. This exterior drying includes the door jambs and rims. We then proceed to clean out the interior of the vehicle by cleaning your windows, wiping down the dash doors and center console. Our last step of the interior detail is to blow out all the cracks and crevices using our compressed air blowing tool and vacuuming the entire interior of the car. We vacuum under the front seats and in between the seats and center console. Once that is complete, we ensure that the tire shine has been applied to the tires. Once our process is complete, which lasts approximately 25 minutes, we call over a manager to perform a quality inspection of the vehicle before it is turned over to the customer. All interior details receive a complimentary hanging Blue Penguin air freshener.

Hand Wax

Hand Waxes are available at select locations. We dry off the exterior of the vehicle, then using a dual action polisher, we distribute an even coat of detailing wax on the painted surfaces of the vehicle, careful not to get any on any plastic molding. After the wax has rested on the vehicle for approximately 5-10 minutes we then remove the wax with clean microfiber towels. This will result in the perfect protection and shine for your vehicle. Hand Waxes are usually good for approximately three months. We recommend hand waxes on all vehicles as the seasons change to protect against the elements of our volatile weather.